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Hark! The Herald Banjo Rings is finished for 2009, but we'll be back on November 28, 2010!

A musical celebration of Advent

Hark! The Herald Banjo Rings is back for a second year with more instruments, more musicians, and one more day of Advent (it starts a day earlier this year). Every day of Advent, we'll post a Christmas song recorded just for you. This year, Greg Barlow is joined by friends and family on instruments from the banjo to the mandolin to the trombone.

Remember, you can listen to all the songs here or on Facebook. You can also subscribe to the rss feed to keep track of songs as they are posted. Enjoy!

See a list of all the songs

A list of all the posted songs is now available here. You are welcome to download all the songs or just see which songs have been posted so far. Click on the song titles for descriptions, lyrics, and information about the performers.