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If you are hoping to record a song for Hark! 2012, please send it in before Sunday, December 2. Hark! begins in less than a week!

Welcome! This page is for people interested in recording a song for Hark! The Herald Banjo Rings, Christmas 2012. If you have any questions, contact Greg: hark at barlow dot info.


  1. Choose your song(s)
  2. Record your song(s), save in mp3 format
  3. Email mp3 files to Greg by December 1

That's all there is to it. If you are planning to contribute, it would be great if you could let me know early in November, but as long as you have your recording to me by December 1, I'm happy to include it. If you want to record a song that is not in the public domain, you'll need to go through the process of getting permission. Here is a list of songs from past years. Each post usually has a brief description of the song, so if you'd like to include a paragraph or two when you send me the song, that saves me from writing the whole thing myself.