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December 9

Most everyone is familiar with "The Wassail Song" (Hark! 2008, Hark! 2009), but there are many more wassails in English tradition. "Somerset Wassail" is quite nice, and like most wassails, fun to play. I've recorded this in the key of A on banjo.

Downloads: mp3

Somerset Wassail

Performed by Greg Barlow on banjo

Words and music: English Traditional

Wassail and wassail, all over the town!
The cup it is white and the ale it is brown;
The cup it is made of the good ashen tree,
And so is the malt of the best barley:
For it's your wassail, and it's our wassail!
And it's joy be to you, and a jolly wassail!

Oh master and missus, are you all within?
Pray open the door and let us come in;
O master and missus a-sitting by the fire,
Pray think upon poor trav'llers, a-trav'lling in the mire:
For it's your wassail, etc.

O where is the maid, with the silver-headed pin,
To open the door, and let us come in?
O master and missus, it is our desire
A good loaf and cheese, and a toast by the fire:
For it's your wassail, etc.

There was an old man, and he had an old cow,
And how for to keep her he didn't know how,
He built up a barn for to keep his cow warm,
And a drop or two of cider will do us no harm:
No harm, boys, harm; no harm, boys, harm;
And a drop or two of cider will do us no harm.

The girt dog of Langport he burnt his long tail,
And this is the night we go singing wassail:
O master and missus, now we must be gone;
God bless all in this house until we do come again:
For it's your wassail, etc.

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