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December 20

While most of the songs we record for Hark! The Herald Banjo Rings are quite old, today's song was written just last year by David Leinweber, a prolific songwriter as well as a professor of history at Oxford College of Emory University. He is a friend of Billy Gewin, who played all of the instruments and sang on today's recording. Billy is a singer-songwriter based in Atlanta; his most recent CD is River of Stone.

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Christmas Snow

Performed by Billy Gewin on voice, acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, organ and the ubiquitous avocado shaker

Words and music: David Leinweber, © 2009. Used with permission.

I wish I could go to a time not long ago
Out in a world of falling Christmas snow
Then I was a boy and it seemed like such a joy
Out in the Christmas snow

In our little town when the snow was falling down
My friends and me would go outside to see
Mom and Dad would smile and they'd watch us for a while
Out in the Christmas snow

And our nativity would be right there by the tree
Sometimes I still can see those magi on their knees
I see them at that manger
I see them bowing low
And I look out that old window
I can still see the Christmas snow

And it's such a lovely scene with the garland and the green
And the silvery tinsel hanging in between
Seems so far away was it just the other day
Out in the Christmas snow

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